It is said that The Great Lo is still only a baby. It is believed that she is a daughter of a daughter of a daughter of The Great A’Tuin, a turtle that supposedly became so big The World couldn’t carry her anymore and instead she started carrying The World. The Great Lo is as I’ve said, only a baby, and every baby needs a mommy. So it happened that after The Great Lo fell from the sky in a meteor-like manner a young and enthusiastic druid was just taking a piss nearby. Moreover, that young druid was a she, and in The Great Lo’s eyes, she was a mommy. A few hundred years later they found a way to protect themselves from the curious folk, they hid under a town. The Great Lo now carries a few hundred men that are filled with love for her and her mommy, and they are known as The Great Lo’s men (women and children included). Because strolling is a way of life.

The Great Lo's men

Ear Sober_child